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​Background to the VIMtrek Group

​Background to the VIMtrek Group

In 1982 Arol Wolford created CMD which he grew from 5 employees to 1400 employees by 2000.

The company become the leading Architectural and building information source, including titles such as: RSMeans, CMD Bulletins, Architects’ First Source, CanaData, Clark Reports, CMD Electronic Plans and had operations in US, Canada, Mexico, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Australia. The business was sold for $299.5 million in 2000.

In 2000 Arol became a Board Member of Revit Technology Corporation, creator of the first parametric building modeller.

Born out of SmartBIM LLC (2003), VIMtrek LLC was founded in 2011 by Arol Wolford.

VIMtrek – Where Sense Meets Sizzle™

The combined suite of products (SmartBIM, ecoScorecard & VIMtrek) brings stakeholders together from the AEC and BPM industries into a 3D, high fidelity and augmented data rich game engine. With enhanced file compression technology, virtual environments can be shared over Internet Protocols, to any device, anytime and anywhere. VIMtrek allows 2D files to be converted into 3D, free roam environments with the unique attribute of preserving the original Revit data embedded into the building product manufactures objects.

These environments do not require the native Autodesk file and allow all party collaboration, quantity & cost analytics and helps promote green & lean building process.

The main commercial driver in the AEC Industry is the reduction of “Change Orders” which with the use of collaborative BIM can reduce cost overruns from double figures to low single figures saving the owners money and helping to deliver better and more efficient buildings. This in the UK is now being mandated on all Public Private Funded Initiatives.

The main driver in the BPM world is ease of access to high fidelity objects that can be browsed on any device and with a simple tool set be dragged and dropped into room settings or architectural files. By attaching augmented data to these objects the 3D environment acts as a jump off point to other electronic data held by the company increasing the opportunity to cross and up sell.

The big data analytics driven off the back of all these customer views preferences and swap outs will drive significant market analytics for the companies who adopt this creative workflow.

Our Mission

Our Mission

The VIMtrek positioning is that the design, bid, build and management process should have BIM at its heart.

All the companies within the end to end delivery should use comparable software in order to produce a better designed, thoroughly coordinated project across all disciplines, whilst being free of costly, last minute coordination changes that compromise the overall design & constructed built asset.

As a result of design phase coordination, we reduce and eliminate change orders for the owner.

VIMtrek, combined with the SmartBIM suite of tools and services, will be acknowledged as the most sophisticated and cost effective tool set to deliver Visibility, Collaboration and Control for the AEC Industry and the portfolio of choice for the Autodesk community.

Within five years VIMtrek will be a cross platform application and will have plugins in 1in 5 of every Autodesk seats and the SmartBIM portfolio will be the collaboration suite of choice for the AEC Industry Globally.

When combined with the sister applications from the SmartBIM tool set and services portfolio the fully integrated suite provides Visibility, Building, Information Modelling (BIM), Collaboration and Control throughout the three phases of the AEC & BPM workflow, all Integrated into one managed services platform.

* Design and Pitch phase

* Bid / Build / Delivery phase

* Facilities Management / Operate phase