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It’s about time that architectural data, manufacturer’s product information, QTO and environmental data that is combined into one 3D, game engine view where it can be shared over the Internet - Welcome to VIMtrek.

Unparalleled Speed

Rendering speeds within VIMtrek are reduced from hours to minutes

Building Portal

A collaboration space for 3D visualization; upload, share and archive your folders.

Game Engine Tech

The power of game engine technology to allow free roam around the model in HiDef 3D

Unrestricted View Access

Free viewer app allowing anyone, with or without the host program to view, collaborate and comment.

Discover VIMtrek - a solution without compromise

We're taking smart objects and embedding them with smart data, then integrating them within a game engine to create fully interactive, immersive, 3D high definition, realistic free-roam environments, accessible 24/7 365 days a year - join us in moving AEC collaboration to the next level!

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